The Ultimate Guide to Texting Girls: Scoring the Date

With all the advances in technology and more and more people using technology as a part of their personal lives, it is only logical that even dating now extends to meaningfully using technology. Case in point is texting, specifically using text messages to score a date with a girl whom you really like. Texting is now more than ever a part of modern relationships, especially as social media and networking. It is important that men educate themselves on how to text girls in such a way that contributes to building a meaningful attraction. Failure to do so could result in those girls experiencing boredom and losing interest. So what should you to text girls to keep them interested? Below is a list of rules to live by while answering that question.

Rule 1: Don't text to avoid phone conversations.

The first rule in helping men score a date through texting is not to rely solely on texting as the way to converse with girls. The problem with texting that men should be wary of is that it can temptingly turn into a way to have a real conversation with a girl they are interested in. To avoid this, consider using text messaging to set up an actual phone conversation with a girl. After all, the whole purpose of texting a girl is to at least get a second meeting with her, which can be arranged much better on the phone than with endless text messages.

Rule 2: Bring value when you text. Do not seek value.

Value-seeking questions such as, “What are you doing tonight?” make men sound too needy and also fail to inspire any emotion in the women whom they are texting. The goal of texting is to provoke emotion by displaying a playful attitude, which the girl will find humorous. Doing so will bring real value to the text messages sent to the girl and increase the likelihood of a positive response. Examples of good texts to send that do bring value are, “Hey dork!” or “I suspect you are functioning at 100 percent dopiness today…like you were all last week, too.”

Rule 3: Avoid sending too many messages.

This rule is meant to keep men who are interested in girls from sounding too desperate or like they have no reason to live other than to text message. Even if men are interested and can’t stop thinking about the girl, they should show a modicum of self-discipline for a change and not appear too enthusiastic. Otherwise, men may scare off the girl with over-eagerness or the appearance that they have a weak and low-action life. A good rule to remember is to take time with your responses. If she responds right away, that's a good sign, but don't send more than one per response.

Rule 4: Use texting to invoke the law of familiarity.

Using text messaging to touch upon the law of familiarity is another good dating tactic. It works in the following ways. If after meeting a woman at a bar, a man gets her phone number, he could instantly text message her even if he is still standing right next to her. This rule takes advantage of the humor that is inherent in the situation of texting someone you are standing right beside and can be even be maximized by texting a funny message. An example of a funny message to text is a message like, “Who the heck is that ultra-sexy guy standing right beside you????”

Rule 5: Using emoticons.

Using emoticons while text messaging your girl is effective because it enables flirting more easily (as much as text messaging allows flirting, that is). Emoticons are little symbols that are efficient at expressing emotions a man wants to convey, such as happiness, anger or playfulness. Because of the playfulness of some emoticons, a girl is also liable to find them cute, which works to a man’s benefit when he sends them in a text message. Examples of emoticons are a smiley face or a wink face.

Rule 6: Keep it simple, stupid.

The old rule or adage, Keep it simple, stupid, or KISS, applies to text messaging a girl that you like. The whole point of texting a girl is to make her get the point without being long-winded, which can be boring. Thus, brevity in a text message is the solution, which can be accomplished by just getting to the point without any uncalled for elaboration. Keeping it simple is also required just by the fact alone that text messaging is very restrictive, due to the limit of characters per text message.

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