The Ultimate List of Romance Novels

The dynamic characters and exciting plots of romance novels make for hours of reading enjoyment. It's not necessary to travel far back into publishing history for engaging romance stories. Many of the most memorable have recently found their way to the best seller list.

Some examples of romance novels that appeared in 2009 are:

  • A Nora Roberts Bestseller : This Nora Robert's romance novel is entitled, Vision in White. The story centers around a small group of women who share a wedding planning business. The wedding photography expert of the group is named Mackenzie. Through her life she has witnessed her mother's various failed marriages and is therefore reluctant to venture into a serious relationship herself. However, when she meets an attractive English instructor, he peaks her interest and she begins to wonder about whether her life is truly complete.
  • A Romance Story by Debbie Macomber : The title of this novel reissued in 2009 is, The Matchmakers. The story is about a woman named Dori Robertson who is a single mother raising an eleven year old boy. Because her son is anxious for her to get married again, he finds a man for her to date. Dori agrees to meet the man just to appease her son. But, when the couple begins dating, Dori finds the situation is not so simple.
  • A Work by Rachel Gibson : True Love and Other Disasters is the title of Rachel Gibson's recent romance novel. The story involves Faith Duffy a woman who marries a wealthy, older man in order to ensure some stability in her life. After he passes away, she finds herself the reluctant owner of a professional hockey team. The team's popular leader, Ty, is not thrilled to have Faith in charge. Even though Faith is irritated at Ty's attitude, she finds herself preoccupied with thoughts of him. Is she headed for disaster?
  • A Historical Romance : This novel by Elizabeth Hoyt is entitled, To Beguile a Beast. Main character Sir Alistair Munroe is hiding his troubled past and his physical scars behind a reclusive life inside a castle. When a beautiful woman named Helen Fitzwilliam begins work as a housekeeper there, the two people find solace in one another. Soon, Alistair finds that Helen has secrets of her own. Is love possible for these two strangers?
  • An Amanda Quick Book : The author is Amanda Quick and the romance work is called The Perfect Poison. The lead character is an expert in matters of botany named Lucinda Bromley. Lucinda's special ability to identify poisons gets her involved in a murder investigation in which the victim has been poisoned. When an intriguing man named Caleb Jones enters the picture, Lucinda finds herself in the midst of a swirling mystery.
  • A Drake Sisters Book : The title of this romance novel is Hidden Currents. Its author Christine Feehan tells the tale of Elle Drake, one of a family of telepathic sisters. Elle has been away from her home in Sea Haven for many years and one of the people anxiously awaiting her return is Sheriff Jackson Deaveau. Jackson has been quietly devoted to Elle and is extremely worried when she doesn't show up in Sea Haven. He soon uncovers that there are people who do not want to see Elle in Sea Haven ever again.
  • A Susan Mallery Romance : Under Her Skin written by Susan Mallery is about a character named Lexi Titan. She is the daughter of a rich, well-known, Texan. Lexi is suddenly faced with the failure of her day spa business in Texas. She needs to raise two million dollars in order to save her business or her failure will be a public spectacle. She considers striking a deal with a young, wealthy man named Cruz who pledges to give her the money if she will marry him. Cruz has his eye on becoming a part of Texas society. Lexi must decide whether to marry Cruz or face the loss of the business she loves.
  • A Tale of Romance : The Inn at Eagle Point by Sherryl Woods features a character named Abby O'Brien Winters. She has two children, a busy career, and a troubled marriage. She abruptly returns to her home town in Maryland to help save her sister's Inn. Abby's painful past catches up to her when she runs into the man she left behind a decade ago. She find she must confront her past in order to move on with her future.
  • An Elizabeth Boyle Novel : The title of this romance novel is Confessions of a Little Black Gown. The main character in Elizabeth Boyle's novel is named Thalia. One evening at a fancy gathering she notices a man who claims to be a cousin of a Duke. She is curious about his seemingly innocent appearance and wants to find out his secrets. This mysterious cousin is aware of her interest and is determined not to let her interfere in his dealings.
  • A Romance by Jacquie D'Alessandro : Tempted at Midnight stars a character named Lady Emily Stapleford. Her family is in money trouble and it's up to her to save them. She writes a novel featuring a lady vampire that is turned down by every publisher she offers it to. Lady Stapleford decides to garner interest in her book by staging appearances of vampires around the city. Her efforts are successful but to her surprise, an attractive American named Logan appears on the scene with the power to spoil her plans.
  • A Romance Novel by Jo Beverly : The Secret Wedding by Jo Beverly features the main character of Major Lord Grandiston. He has just returned from years of fighting a war and is ready to enjoy a bachelor's existence. However, his father wants him to marry and has even found a future wife for him. Grandiston decides to set out on a journey to see if a special woman from his past will share his life with him. And he finds adventure along the way.
  • A Romance Work by Teresa Medeiros : The romance novel by Teresa Medeiros entitled Some Like It Wild stars lead character Pamela Darby. This beautiful, independent woman wants to pull off a plot to trick a rich nobleman out of a lot of money. She persuades Connor Kincaid, a handsome scoundrel, to help in her plans. These two characters discover more about one another in the throes of their risky adventure.
  • A Work by Robyn Carr : This novel by Robyn Carr called Paradise Valley features Rick Sudder and Dan Brady. These two soldiers recently home from war have a lot of healing to do. Rick, a longtime citizen of the town, is helped along by a woman who has been devoted to him for many years. Dan, a new arrival, finds comfort with a woman who can easily sympathize with him.

Some suggestions for romance reading from 2008:

  • A Carrie Alexander Romance Novel : The main character of Nobody's Hero is named Sean Rafferty. He is a state trooper recovering from an injury on lonely Osprey Island. His greatest wish for the moment is to take a break from the career that put him in harm's way. However, even in this island atmosphere he finds himself continually coming to the aid of a young daughter who belongs to the self-sufficient Connie Bradford. Sean is looking for a quiet recovery but will this mother and her girl convince him to open up his life again?
  • A Book by Catherine Anderson : The novel Morning Light by Catherine Anderson stars a character named Loni MacEwen. Loni has the ability to see into the future. She envisions that danger is threatening the young son of a man named Clint Harrigan. She tells this man of her vision and he surprisingly informs her that he has no son. Soon after, the story of a young boy lost in the woods appears in the news causing Loni and Clint to join in on the rescue effort. As they endeavor to find this mysterious boy they finding themselves growing closer to one another.
  • A Nicholas Sparks Novel : This novel by Nicholas Sparks is called The Lucky One. The book features a main character named Logan Thibault. He is a United States marine who, while in Iraq, discovers a photo of a woman as he is crossing a stretch of sand. The photo seems to endow him with good fortune of all kinds and after he returns to America he sets out to find the woman. Once he finds her, their future together is met with questions and uncertainty.
  • A Work by Stephanie Laurens : Where the Heart Leads has a lead character named Penelope Ashford. She is a rich beauty who has dedicated her life to helping orphans in London. But, when the children start turning up missing she enlists the help of the powerful Barnaby Adair to solve the mystery. Though Penelope finds Barnaby handsome, he is rather hard to get along with. However, she needs his expertise to find the children. As the winding mystery unfolds, Barnaby finds himself drawn to Penelope.
  • A Victoria Alexander Novel : What a Lady Wants is Victoria Alexander's novel featuring Nigel Cavendish, a man devoted to avoiding marriage. However, he doesn't count on Lady Felicity Melville's efforts to win him from his bachelor's ways. Will her determination sway him to marry?
  • A Writing by Eloisa James : Duchess By Night written by Eloisa James features a character named Harriet who is weary of her life as a widow Duchess. She decides to attend a risqué party at an estate out in the country to relieve her boredom. Despite her respectable reputation and with the help of a disguise, she takes on the adventure of attending the party. What will happen if she is discovered?
  • A Laura Lee Guhrke Novel : Laura Lee Guhrke's novel entitled And Then He Kissed Her has a lead character by the name of Emmaline Dove. Emmaline is an etiquette writer who submits her work to her publisher boss, Viscount Marlowe. He dismisses her manuscripts without reading them because he feels she has nothing to offer but boring pages about manners. Emmaline finds out what he's done and abruptly quits her job as his secretary. In the midst of the chaos her absence causes, the Viscount decides to confront her and test the range of her manners. He finds himself surprised at the result.

A list of notable romance novels of 2007 includes:

  • A Nora Robert's Written Work of 2007 : The title of this Nora Robert's novel is High Noon. The main character is an expert negotiator in hostage situations named Phoebe MacNamara. A man named Duncan Swift is drawn to Phoebe after seeing her in negotiation action. Phoebe is not looking for a relationship, but Duncan is persistent in his attentions. A traumatic experience suffered by Phoebe brings Duncan further into her life.
  • A Work by Stacy Ballis : Spinster Sisters features sisters Jill and Jodi. They have built a successful livelihood out of assisting single women in finding joy in their lives. But, this livelihood is threatened when Jill introduces her fiancé. Jodi must deal with her own romantic entanglements and the business while trying to come to terms with her sister's choice.
  • Linda Barrett's Historical Romance : Linda Barrett's novel called The Soldier and the Rose starts with the first love of Rose Kaufman dying during a battle of World War II. She is left with his young baby and wonders whether she will ever love that deeply again. When the war is over, her husband's friend Charlie returns and confesses his love for Rose. Will she ever be able to truly love Charlie?
  • A Kat Martin Novel : The historical romance Heart of Honor tells the story of Krista Hart. She is the publisher of a weekly periodical for ladies. Krista characteristically goes against public sentiment when she rallies for a Viking prisoner to be set free. She finds herself drawn to the prisoner, Leif Draugr, whose freedom she cares so much about. Will anger from the public interfere in Krista's future happiness?
  • A Lori Foster Romance Novel : Dean Havoc Connor is the main character of the novel entitled Causing Havoc, by Lori Foster. He is a handsome fighter in the extreme sport who was orphaned early in his life. As the story continues he crosses paths with his long lost sisters who are living in Kentucky. He finds that one of his sisters is about to marry a scoundrel and with the help of a clever beauty named Eve, he endeavors to stop the impending marriage.
  • An Anna Campbell Romance : Anna Campbell's novel entitled Untouched is the story of Grace Paget. She is kidnapped and taken to a manor where her virtue is threatened. Grace is a strong-willed woman and plans a way of escape. The mysterious man and events involved in Grace's kidnapping are gradually revealed.
  • A Work by Eve Silver : The romance entitled Dark Prince written by Eve Silver is the story of a woman named Jane Heatherington. Jane crosses paths with a mysterious man named Aidan Warrick when she begins work in Trevisham House where he lives. He has a terrible reputation and may even possibly be a pirate. Jane is both wary of this man and curious about him. Where will her future in Trevisham House lead her?
  • A Sabrina Jeffries Novel : Beware a Scot's Revenge is a romance novel by Sabrina Jeffries. While on a visit to her childhood home of Scotland, Lady Venetia Campbell is kidnapped by a man named Sir Lachlan Ross. He is trying to take revenge against Venetia's father. Venetia remembers being smitten with Lachlan during her childhood and still feels an attraction for him even though his heart is full of vengeance. Will Venetia be able to change Lachlan's feelings of anger into something more?
  • A Novel by Johanna Lindsey : Captive of My Desires by Johanna Lindsey is a romance with a character named Gabrielle Brooks. This teenager begins a search for her absent father only to find that he is a pirate. She joins his group and experiences a pirate's life on the sea. Soon, her father decides she must return to civilized society in London and marry. She then meets handsome Drew Anderson who dismisses her as a woman whose only goal is to find a husband. After a scandal with Drew, Gabrielle decides to teach him a lesson by taking him and his ship prisoner.
  • A Work by Julia London : The Dangers of Deceiving a Viscount by Julia London features a character named Phoebe Fairchild. She is a noblewoman who takes on the identity of a seamstress called Madame Dupree. A Viscount by the name of Will is enamored with Phoebe but feels he cannot marry her because of their stations in society. Will a dramatic revealing of Phoebe's true identity cause a permanent rift between Will and the woman he loves?

If you're weary of the dating scene or you want to take a break from the usual crowd of singles, a romance novel is a great escape. As you turn its pages you are introduced to faraway settings, exciting characters, and maybe even a different era in history. For a few hours, you get to experience the unique personalities of the people who populate a romance novel.

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