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Love is an emotion that has filled books, inspired movies, caused wars (remember, Helen of Troy) and indeed, caused many sleepless nights for the young and old, alike. Love takes many forms and is found in every community, city and country. People who love one another express it in ways that may be unique and offbeat or simple and ordinary. Love knows no distance, no barrier and speaks one language. It brings opposites together and unites those who are similar to one another. Discover the types of love and the language of love. Understand the difference between lust and love, the attitudes towards relationships and sexuality and the dynamics of a long-distance relationship. Or simply, have fun analyzing the love in your relationships.

Types of Love

  • Infatuation – Understand the nature and distinguishing features of infatuation.
  • Types of Love – A Biblical explanation of three main types and forms of love.
  • Six Types of Love – A simple explanation of the six types of love.
  • Passionate and Companionate Love – A study of the two types of love in newlywed couples and how they increase or decrease over time.
  • Companionate Love – A detailed description of companionate love and its distinction from romantic love.
  • Romantic Love – A comprehensive article on romantic love, its elements and the dynamics that fuel such love.
  • Romance – Understanding the science of romance and love and explore the scientific reasons behind falling in love.
  • Love and Friendship – Understanding the love that binds friends together.
  • The Bible’s Definition – Understanding the nature of love, according to the Bible.
  • Philosophy of Love – A comprehensive explanation of the nature of various types of love – romantic, physical, emotional and spiritual.  


Love Test

  • Love and Names – A simple test to analyze names and find out the level of love between the two.
  • Personality Love Test – A University of Warwick research project that analyzes responses and provides feedback on the type love dominant in a relationship. The test is based on personality-related questions and is open to adults only.
  • Love Quiz – A simple quiz designed to measure the degree of love in a marriage or love relationship.
  • Relationship Quiz – A simple questionnaire designed to understand the dynamics of a close relationship. 
  • Relationship Profile Test – Links to relationship and partner awareness quizzes designed by Dr. Phil.
  • Love Test – A love test designed by Psychology Today to reveal the emotional health of a relationship. Personalized interpretation and snapshot report provided free of cost.  
  • Biblical Love Test – A love and relationship test based on the 1Corinthians 13; 4-8.  Also has a description of love in a marriage.      
  • Safe Relationship Test – A test for young girls to identify the signs of an unhealthy or abusive dating relationship.
  • Relationship Warning Signs Quiz – Quiz to find out if one is in an abusive relationship.
  • Love Languages Quiz – Find out what love language do you speak – words of affirmation, receiving gifts, quality time, acts of service and physical touch.

Sexuality Standards, Sexual Attitudes, and Behavior


  • Sexual Behavior of American Adult Women – An extensive report on understanding the sexual behavior of American women.
  • FAQs on Sex and Sexual Behaviors – Answers many questions on sex and sexual behavior.
  • Sexual Health – Lists of helpful links to articles and resources on sex and sexual behavior.
  • Ready for Sex – Informative article on knowing whether or not you’re ready for sex.
  • Risky Teen Sexual Behaviors – Information and links on talking about risky sexual behavior with teens and educating them about potential dangers of early sexual activity. 
  • Attitude Towards Sex Education – A survey and study of the attitude of mothers towards sex education in schools and the values that it should cover.
  • American Sexual Behavior – A comprehensive report on the sexual behavior of American adults. Includes statistics on trends and socio-demographic differences.
  • Adolescent Sexual Behavior – a detailed report on adolescent sexual behavior and its consequences. Also includes information on adequacy of the current prevention and intervention programs. 
  • Sexual Risk Behaviors – Statistics on various high-risk sexual behaviors among young adults.
  • Sexual Infidelity – Exploring the attitude of young adults towards sexual infidelity

Love and Lust




Internet and Long Distance Relationships


Relationship and Sexuality Links


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