Time, Date and Site Coordinates: A Guide to Geo-Caching

Time, Date and Site Coordinates: A Guide To Geo-Caching   

Geo-Caching, simply put, is a worldwide treasure hunting game played with high-tech gadgets, the Internet and a drive for adventure. Those of all ages enjoy this global craze, as it can be a fun family activity, as well as a way to connect with the environment and the community. One man’s “cache” is another man’s treasure. The thrill of tracking down a hidden treasure with a GPS has taken hold with thousands of people across the world and the game continues to grow and evolve.

The History

History of Geocaching-The Official Global GPS Cache Hunt Site

Geocaching GPS Games History-All about how geocaching originated

Short History of Geocaching-A timeline describing each event that allowed geocaching to progress

The First 100 Geocaches-The first 100 geocaches ever placed are listed on this site

Letterboxing-Similar to geocaching, another way to hit the trails and hunt for treasure

Geocaching History in North Dakota-North Dakota State Parks’ geocaching guide

What is Geo-Caching?

Geocaching With Garmin-Popular GPS device’s page about geocaching

NaviCache-A popular online community with pages of info about geocaching

Groundspeak-Another popular online community with forums and links to useful geocaching websites

Geocaching Provides Hobby-An article from the Tennessee Journalist

Geocaching Webquest-Learn about the GPS and the game of geocaching

High-Tech Hide-and-Seek-Basic introduction to geocaching by the NYS Dept of Environmental Conservation

Geocaching in California-The State of California’s guide to geocaching

Geo-Cache Types

Geocaching Info-Information about geocaching including types of geocaches

Hobby Cache-Information about the different types of geocaches used

Geocache Containers-Page with information about all the popular types of containers used in geocaching

GeoCacheGirls.com-Explanation of what to put in a cache and what various caches might look like

Important Terms To Know

High Tech Treasure Hunt-Article from the University of Iowa with some important terms to know in geocaching

Geocaching Glossary-Important words and phrases used in geocaching communities

Geocaching University-A glossary of geocaching terms

Geocaching Terms-Popular words used when geocaching

Geo-Caching Organizations

Geocache Alaska! –A geocaching group based in Alaska

Geocaching Resource of Arizona-The geocaching group based in Arizona

Florida Geocaching Association-A group of geocachers based in sunny Florida

GPS Hawaii-Webspace for geocachers and GPS enthusiasts in Hawaii

CIGA-The website of the Central Illinois Geocaching Association

Geocachers of Kentucky-A geocaching group based in Kentucky

Michigan Geocaching Organization-Michigan based geocaching association

South Jersey Cachers-A geocaching association based in southern New Jersey


How To Hide A Geo-Cache

Beginner’s Guide-A step by step plan for geocaching

Things To Do:Geocaching-Information about geocaching from South Dakota Game Fish and Parks

How To Hide Your First Cache-Step by step guide to placing your first cache

Environment Canada-Guidelines for hiding a geocache

Geocaching With Kids-A PBS production for kids about geocaching

Guidelines for Hiding-In depth article about the do’s and don’ts of hiding a geocache


Tips For Buying A GPS

Geocache Navigator-All about using a GPS application on a cell phone

EasyGPS-Site with free GPS software to transfer waypoints, routes and tracks from computer to GPS

The GPS Exchange Format- Resources for GPX, the format for transferring GPS data

GPS Receiver Information-Website with many links and resources for GPS information

WAAS-a special receiver on GPS devices that have very excellent accuracy

Hiking Safety

Poison Ivy, Oak and Sumac Info-Helpful information about poisonous plants found in the woods

Sirius Wilderness Medicine-a Canadian organization specializing in first aid courses and products

Cache In, Trash Out

CITO-Geocaching organization committed to improving the environment

Leave No Trace Canada-An organization in Canada that emphasizes the importance of outdoor ethics

Tread Lightly-A non profit organization that promotes responsible outdoor recreation

ParkFriendly.net-The home of environmentally friendly geocaching

American Trails-Largest online trails resource for trails and greenways

Geo-Caching Laws/Problems To Be Aware Of

Geocachers Encouraged To Tread Lightly-Press release offering tips for responsible geocaching

Environmental Impacts of Geocaching-Paper by Brendon Patubo explaining the impact on nature associated with geocaching activities

Before You Seek A Geocache-A page providing tips on searching for a geocache and common courtesies to be aware of

NYS Parks Guidelines-Geocaching rules specifically for NYS but also contains important general politeness guidelines for all geocachers

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