Understanding the Men's Movement

The men’s movement is a movement that focuses on the rights of men. This covers topics and issues that aren’t typically thought of in regards to men such as their rights as a father. This movement even covers areas relating to single men in the dating world.



  • What is the Men’s Movement?: examines the major issues and ideas involved in the men’s movement.
  • Men’s Movements: focuses on the different types of men’s movements and what they included.
  • Men’s Activism: offers new and resources on important topics in the world of men.
  • The Men’s Movement: focuses on the work of Robert Bly and how he inspired the original idea of a men’s movement.
  • The Backlash: focuses on important issues relating to men.
  • XY: looks at resources for men and gender studies in a neutral light.
  • Angry Harry: focuses on how men who suffer from certain problems such as spousal abuse are looked down upon by society.
  • The “Men’s Movement”: offers information on each of the underlying issues in the movement including the rights of fathers.
  • UK Men and Father’s Rights: looks at the rights of fathers and men living in the United Kingdom.
  • Child Custody 911: explains the rights of fathers and their role in regards to the custody of their children.
  • Macho International: international magazine focusing on the rights and privileges of men.
  • Parental Alienation: examines how parents feel when they’re alienated or pushed out of their child’s life.
  • The Men’s Center: gives men access to topics and issues that impact or influence their lives.
  • Men’s Stuff: covers male issues in health, family, parenting and other areas.

The men’s movement has swept the world, with other countries getting involved in the same issues. Men who are interested in learning more can find a lot of information simply by looking at the resources provided here.

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