When your tattoo is the name of an ex

Tattoos, markings made by inserting ink into the dermis layer of the skin, have increased in popularity over the past decade. According to a survey conducted by Harris Polls in 2003, an estimated 14 percent of the United States population have one or more tattoos. Most studies reveal that 40 percent of people aged 25 to 40 have at least one tattoo. The United States currently has an estimated 20,000 plus tattoo parlors in operation, which clearly indicates the lucrativeness of this industry, according to U.S. News & World Reports. Only 16% of tattooed people regret getting it in the first place, leaving 84% of tattooed people relatively satisfied with their choice.

When asked about the particular reasons for regretting the tattoo, most gave one of three reasons, including that the person was too young at the time of getting the tattoo, the tattoo fades over time, and the overall permanence of the tattoos. Tattoos can also cause problems with employment, especially if conspicuously marked on a visible portion of the body. Moreover, sometimes people make mistakes in an effort to show their love and affection to another individual insomuch as to receive a tattoo with the lover's name marked on specific parts of their body. Once the relationship ends, the person faces regret and embarrassment when re-entering the dating world. Tattooed people facing regret over an ex-lover's name marked on their bodies can rectify the situation by one of three methods, including plunging headfirst into the relationship full of trust and honesty, changing the tattoo to ease troubled minds, or completely removing the old tattoo altogether.

Tattooed people with a regrettable marking displaying their former lover's name or depiction should cover the tattoo and divulge this private information with potential dating partners as time moves along. Lovers should always be open with each other in a relationship, even if it means explaining questionable tattoos. In fact, if handled properly, a healthy relationship could blossom, despite reminders of past relationships. A true relationship will form on trust and honesty; however, one should consider another option if the image bothers a partner as the relationship continues to progress. Part of an honest and open relationship will demand compromise, and that may lead to proactive measures to correct the problem before resentments boil over into a relationship left in ruins.

A tattooed person should consider at least modifying or changing the name or image of an ex-lover. Most tattoo artists can change a tattoo into a different image providing that the old tattoo does not cover an entire body part, or if the old tattoo was not solid black. Even solid black tattoos can be modified if enough time has elapsed since it was first marked. Modifying an old tattoo requires that the new tattoo must be 50 percent larger with a new focal point, and marked on healthy skin tissue. Changing the name or any other aspect of an ex-lover would ease any friction and emotional pain, including resurfacing doubts harbored by your partner. Johnny Depp, a renowned American actor and musician, had the name of his ex-girlfriend Winona Ryder tattooed to his upper right arm. After the relationship, Depp decided to alter the tattoo to read, “Wino Forever.”

Tattooed people can also opt for removal. Tattoo removal may prove ideal for ex-gang members or individuals pursuing a career that forbids conspicuous tattoos. Removing a past love tattoo would also demonstrate a newly formed dedication to a special person in one's life. Consider the various pros and cons behind tattoo removal before making a commitment. Removing a tattoo can also reinforce positive attitude and self-esteem when out in public. Some people have to resort to covering their tattoos through long shirts, pants, or bandages. Some are affected to the extreme of refusing to sunbathe or wearing clothing while swimming or doing other summer activities. While tattoo removal can help rectify these problems, one must also consider the monetary investment involved, and the scarring that the surgical removal will leave behind. One should carefully consider the tattoo removal method that seems more convenient. Highly sophisticated methods, such as laser removal and intense pulsed light therapy sessions can provide effective results with an expensive bill to boot. Other less expensive methods, such as do-it-yourself removal creams may prove less efficient, and may pose risks if handled improperly. Always consult a physician before making a decision, and follow-through with the procedure with a clear mind knowing that no further regrets will surface in the future.

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