Why Men Cheat

“All men cheat” is a cliché used in all walks of life. It doesn’t matter the ethnicity or community status, men just cannot be faithful to one partner. Or can they? To try and come close to an answer the age old question must be considered first: Why do men cheat?

WomanSavers of DivineCaroline.com has compiled a list of the top 10 reasons why men cheat:

1. Because they had the option.

2. It boosts their ego.

3. You grow apart.

4. You argue a lot.

5. They have fallen out of love.

6. Your sex life stinks.

7. To get revenge.

8. It’s new, different and exciting.

9. To see if they can get away with it.

10. Because you have allowed it in the past.

During an episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show (9/11/08), relationship expert Gary Neuman revealed the signs a wife may be missing that indicate her husband could be cheating. His thoughts are that a partner may be contributing to a cheating spouse without realizing it, but goes further to say he is not blaming the wife. He prefers to send the message that a wife can do things to improve the quality of her marriage and help dissuade her husband from straying outside their bedroom.

There have been many stories plastered all over the media about famous men cheaters. Brad Pitt cheated with Angelina on his very devoted and loving wife Jennifer. The affair eventually leads to a divorce from Jennifer and a marriage to Angelina.

It seemed as if former New York Governor Spitzer had everything. A beautiful wife, loving family, power, and money, but yet he sought out a high price prostitute and cheated on his wife, Silda.

There is no proof positive way to determine if a man is more prone to cheating but Neuman offers a simple “Is He Cheating” quiz to try and help a wife see if there are signs she’s missing.

In an effort to help wives know what signs to look for and how to prevent her husband from straying, a list of resources have been collected and placed below.

Signs and Prevention Resources

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True Confessions
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Chaste or Cheating?
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Dr. John H. Sklare’s Daily Inspiration

Emotional Affairs
Is He Involved in an Emotional Affair?

Top 10 Reasons Why Men Cheat
A compiled list on the theory of why men cheat.

Free Online Dating
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Dating 101
The Truth About Why Men Cheat

Lisa Earle McCloud’s Why Do Men Cheat?
“Bless Their Lyin’ Little Scum Bag Hearts”

Do Men Cheat for the Thrill? Or the Sex?
If your partner has an affair, that doesn’t mean the end of your relationship.

The truth about why men cheat: Two hundred guys weigh in to give the real reasons behind infidelity.

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