Women Of The Romantic Period

Generally when people think of romance they think of dating, but the Romantic Period was not about dating, it was a time of great emotion and creativity. The Romantic Period was based on emotion, imagination, and adventure, and was a time of political revolution. Romanticism originated in Western Europe in the second half of the 18th century, and gained much strength during the Industrial Revolution. This era was a time of great change, and unlike the Classical era, the Romantic era allowed artistic creativity, freedom, and experimentation. The Romantic Period brought about a surge of women who began writing and expressing themselves through poetry, novels, and other literary works.

Lucy Aikin was born in Warrington, England in in 1781, and her first work Poetry For Children was published in 1801. Lucy's work in 1818 Memoirs of the Court of Queen Elizabeth was deemed a new genre.

Frances Burney was born in King's Lynn, England in 1752. She never received a formal education but Frances acquired her writing skills from her father. Frances published her first novel The History of Caroline Evelyn in 1767, and in 1889, forty years after her death, a collection of her journals, diaries, and letters from the age of fifteen and on were published.

Hester Chapone was born in Northampton, England in 1727 to a very old family predating the reign of King Edward I. Hester was an acquaintance of many other famous writers of her time, and she published two well known works, Ode To Pierce and Fidelia .

Elizabeth Montagu was born in 1720 and grew up in London, England where she became a pillar in society, and rose to such acclaim because of her beauty. Elizabeth wrote letters, had her works featured in periodicals, and many of her letters have been grouped and published in volumes, for example, Bluestocking Letters .

Hannah More was born in 1745 and was a well known poet, playwright, and novelist. Hannah has been the subject of much debate as to whether her work furthered the women's movement, or reaffirmed societies narrow views.

Hester Thrale Piozzi was born in Wales in 1741, and was a famed English diarist. She was the mother of twelve children and became a rich widow when her husband died in 1781. Hester went on to marry an Italian singer/composer. She is most well known for her various works, Anecdotes of the Late Samuel Johnson LL.D . And Retrospection .

Ann Radcliffe was born in 1764 in Holborn, London, and she wrote her first book, The Castles of Athlyn and Dunbane , in 1789. She wrote about romance, dangers, and rescue, and her first very successful book was The Romance of the Forest , published by George Robinson.

Charlotte Smith was born in London, England in 1746, and he mother died when she was only three years old. Because of debt, Charlotte's husband was sent to prison, and while he was there she compiled a book of sonnets, Elegaic Sonnets . She then went on to write many well known novels.

Helen Maria Williams gave her birth date as 1769, but many people believe that this is not the case, and that she could have been born as early as 1761. Helen's first work, Edwin and Eltruda, a Legendary Tale , was published in 1782. Williams was distinguished from other female authors of her time by her enthusiasm and support for the French Revolution.

Ann Yearsley was born in 1762, and began reading at a young age. Hannah More, another female writer, had a huge impact on Ann, and helped with her education and writing. Ann's first work, Poems on Several Occasions , was published in 1784, and brought in much needed money for her family.

There are hundreds of women that gained popularity during the period of romanticism. The women listed above are only some of the many influential people of the Romantic Period. Romanticism brought about amazing works filled with strong emotion, as well as a number of well known, famous authors, and poets.

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