Women Romantic Writers

The term “romanticism” was introduced after the Victorian period. During that time, writers and poets were actively engaged in the creation of a new form of artistic expression. The objective of this type of expression was to celebrate intuition, rather than reason. There were a number of famous women writers who made a deep impression during the Romantic Era (1789-1819).

1) Mary Robinson was a famous English novelist and poetess from the late 18th century. She was born in Bristol, England on the 27th of November, 1757. She was the daughter of John Darby and Hester Seys. Some of her more famous works include The Widow's Home, All Alone, and The Savage of Aveyron.

2) Joanna Baillie was a Scottish dramatist and poetess. She was very famous during her lifetime, and her plays were very well-received. Many people admired her for her great literary talent. Baillie died in 1851 at the age of 88, but her work continues to live on.

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3) Sophia Lee , an English dramatist and novelist, was born in London in 1750. Her father was the well-known theatrical manager and actor John Lee. Her first work, The Chapter of Accidents, was presented to the public on the 5th of August, 1780, and it was a huge success.

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4) Helen Maria Williams was a British-French translator, poetess, and novelist. She spent most of her life in France. Some of her poems include Edwin and Eltruda , A Legendary Tale, Ode on the Peace, and The Bastille. A Vision.

§ World Cat - Williams, Helen Maria : Information about the most widely held works about Helen Maria Williams, as well as works that were authored by her

5) Charlotte Turner Smith was a novelist and poetess who started the revival of the English sonnet. She wrote political novels of sensibility. Charlotte wrote her first book of poems, Elegiac Sonnets, when she was in prison. She was one of the most important Romantic writers.

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6) Elizabeth Inchbald was an English dramatist, novelist, and actress. She was a daughter of John Simpson, and she was educated at home. About 23 of her plays were published, and she also wrote two novels, A Simple Story and Nature and Art.

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7) Phebe Gibbes was an early feminist and English novelist. Between 1764 and 1790, she wrote 22 books. She became famous for her novels The History of Miss Eliza Musgrove, The History of Mr. Francis Clive, The Fruitless Repentance, and The History of Miss Kitty Le Fever.

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8) Mary Hays was born in 1760, and she was an English novelist and a feminist. She started writing after her husband’s early death. She wrote poems and essays for 10 years. In 1786, one of her short stories, Hermit: An Oriental Tale, was published.

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9) Anne Plumptre was an English translator and writer, and she was born in Norwich, England. She was active in a local group of literati called the Enfield Circle. She wrote travel writing, fiction, political enquiry, and others.

§ Sheffield Hallam University - Anne Plumptre : List of Anne Plumptre’s works, including Antoinette: a Novel, The History of Myself and My Friend: a Novel, and The Rector's Son

10) Elizabeth Bath wrote a collection of 66 poems, which was published in Bristol, England in 1806. She was also a part of the Society of Friends. Her poems address friendship, religion, sensibility, loss, and many other topics.

§ Online Archive of California - Elizabeth Bath : List of Elizabeth Bath’s poems

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