Women's Ministries in Today's World

A women’s ministry is an extension of the church with focus on women and spiritual development. In a typical women’s ministry, women meet with the purpose of worshipping, educating, loving, and supporting women in their group. It’s common for women to meet together and talk. A women’s ministry is a perfect way to get in touch with other women and help them out with all kinds of issues, grow in the faith, help out in times of need, or just share each other’s problems and happiness.

A ministry does not have any restriction about age, race, financial status, or marital status. Anyone who is interested can be a part of the group. Most women’s ministries have a Bible study as part of their activity. It can be a small group in one of the members’ houses or can take place at the church if there are many members. Some ministries have an outreach program as part of their activity and reach out to those in need, making a difference in the community.

Importance of Women's Ministries

More than ever, women's ministries are a very important fixture in any community. These groups provide a safe haven for women to strengthen their faith and gain important leadership skills. Women’s ministries provide people with an opportunity to meet and interact with other women in the congregation and the community. Aside from Bible study and prayer groups, women's ministries also fund raise for the church and local charities, outreach to those in prison, and outreach to other women in the community who may not yet be a part of the church.

It's very common for older women in the ministry to act as mentors to the younger women. Having strong female leaders in the church is very important for young women, as they can provide counseling and share experiences in ways men may not be able to.Their aim is to grow together as women while also strengthening the church.

Starting a Women's Ministry

A women's ministry is a great way to build comraderie in a church and is relatively easy to organize. Contact your pastor to let you know of other women who feel the same way and who might be interested. It doesn’t matter if they are part of another ministry. Get the contact details and call or mail out details of the issue. Then, set a time and place for the meeting.

Plan the agenda in advance and have specific goals listed. A printout of the vision and plan can help others understand better. If there are going to be many people, then a secretary or person to handle it should be appointed. Be open to suggestions from other members and revise the plans where necessary. It is important to treat everyone equally and with respect.

In addition to the cause you want to support, you can decide on other activities that the ministry would like to include in its activities like Bible studies or cleaning the neighborhood. Prayer is a very important part of women's ministries, but other activities can be included to build a sense of community and expand the interests of the group.

Initially, the meetings can be held in the church itself or some other common place until the members get acquainted with each other. Later, the meetings could be held in residences with refreshments being made by a volunteer. It’s also advisable to plan for the next meeting in the current meeting to avoid any confusion. Planning, coordination, and cooperation are very important to run a women’s ministry successfully.


To find out more information about starting a women's ministry in your community, visit the following resources:

  • Creative Ladies Ministry: Started by Julia Bettencourt, the ministry is a place to encourage and lift spirits.
  • For Every Woman: The Assemblies of God USA Women’s Ministry with plenty of resources for the modern woman.
  • Women’s Ministry Network: The site offers free resources, premium resources, and other resources for women.
  • Adventist Women’s Ministry: Reaching out to Seventh-day Adventist women around the world.
  • Revive Our Hearts: Join Nancy Leigh DeMoss to enjoy “freedom, fullness, and fruitfulness in Christ”.
  • Proverbs 31: A leading women’s ministry in the United States with radio ministry, writing ministry, speaking ministry, and more.
  • Girlfriends Unlimited: A worldwide women’s ministry where members can make friends and grow in their faith.
  • American Baptist: The women’s ministry for American Baptist women.
  • Starting a Women’s Ministry: Follow these steps to start a successful women’s ministry.
  • Women’s Ministries: John MacArthur explains the importance of starting a women’s ministry.
  • How to Start: The Arkansas Baptist State Convention discusses how to start a women’s ministry.
  • Alliance Women Ministries: The site offers a Bible study, On the Move project, Walk the World project, women’s leadership studies, and others.
  • Church of the Nazarene: The women division of the church offers newsletter, resources, resources, and more.
  • United Church of Christ: The women’s page of the church, it provides information like Antoinette Brown Awards, Calendar of Prayer, resources, and so on.
  • The Episcopal Church: The official page of its women’s ministry, you would find resources, events, and other materials on women’s leadership. 

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