World Wide Web F.A.Q.

Questions about Popular Sites

Why is MySpace popular and what is it good for?

MySpace is a popular social networking site that allows Internet users to meet new people, both online and in the real world. It also provides a place for people to create an old-fashioned home page.

How do I customize my MySpace page?

One can customize the MySpace page using HTML, CSS coding, and other modification tools. There are numerous tutorials on the Internet that provide helpful tips forMySpace customization.

How does Google make money?

Google makes money through advertising. Google AdWords are ads, and they have sponsored links. When a user clicks on them, the website owners are charged with a fee.

Creating Websites

Web Hosting

How do I set up a website?

To set up a website, one has to choose a web hosting company that will host the site. Then, the content of the website has to be created in html.

How do I register a domain name?

Most web hosting companies provide domain name registration facilities. One of the cheapest web hosting services is provided by, but one can take services of domain name registration and web hosting from other providers as well.

Legal Questions

Is it allowed to link to other websites?

It is not illegal to link to another website until the website holds a third party copyright.

Page Design Questions

How can I make my page more accessible?

The accessibility of a web page can be improved by either hiring a web developer or studying web accessibility tutorials on the Internet.

Graphics Questions

What are the tools used for adding graphics to the website?

Adobe Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro can be used to create designs for a website, but image files saved with .bmp extension can reduce the downloading speed of the page.

Web Browser Questions

Why is my web browser broken?

If the website opening on the browser pops up automatically without getting any command, then it is possible that the computer is infected byspyware or adware.

Which is the fastest web browser?

Microsoft Internet Explorer is fast on Microsoft Windows, and Opera provides fast accessibility on other platforms.

Privacy, Security, and Viruses

Is it safe to shop online?

Safety of online shopping depends on the safety of connection, honesty of the seller, and data center. There are many secured sites that have effective measures to prevent credit card numbers from being stolen.

FAQs about the FAQ

When did the World Wide Web FAQ start?

WWW FAQ started in 1993, and it was designed to provide documented help to WWW users.

Miscellaneous Questions

How do I translate web pages?

There are many search engines and translation websites that can provide easy translations of web pages.

Who controls the World Wide Web?

WWW is controlled by TCP / IP protocol. All Internet protocols are not patented, and therefore, anyone can implement the WWW.

What is the difference between MAC address and IP address?

MAC identifies Ethernet network cards, and IPs are unique numbers that are used to identify computers on the Internet.


What was the first web browser?

The first web browser was designed on NeXTStep operating system, and it was called “WorldWideWeb.”

What was the first website?

The first website was


What is a web browser?

Web browser is software that communicates with web servers and presents information related to the web pages.

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