Yes Means Yes: Student's Guide to Dating and Sexual Consent

During one's years in high school, there is often a heightened interest in things like dating. This interest is typically accompanied by a curiosity about and overall interest in sex, particularly as students transition toward college. Sex is a topic and an activity that should not be taken lightly, as it isn't always a welcome or pleasurable experience for every individual. In fact, it can become an act that is degrading and painful. Sexual assault is a problem for both women and men. In efforts to reduce the number of sexual assault cases, there are rules that people, including teens, must understand and follow before they ever touch someone in a sexual manner. Even students who have no current plans for sexual activity should be aware of these rules. Failure to understand rules about dating and sexual consent can lead to misunderstandings, rape or sexual assault, and even arrest.

What is Consent?

When it comes to sex between two people, consent is crucial. Although it may seem straightforward, consent in terms of sexual intercourse may be confusing to some. It involves both parties openly discussing and giving unequivocal verbal permission to proceed in a sexual manner. Both parties should be clear about their intentions before initiating any form of sexual contact, from touching to penetration. One should never assume that consent is given. In addition, if a person is pressured or harassed into engaging in sexual intercourse, it is not considered consent. Consent is given as an affirmative and clearly stated "yes".

What is Sexual Assault?

When a person has sexual interaction with another person (or persons) without their consent it is considered sexual assault. This includes pressuring or coercing individuals into sexual activity by either verbal or physical means. Sexual assault also includes sexual exploitation in addition to unwanted sexual contact such as fondling and penetration. It is, in general, an umbrella term that also includes rape. Obscene phone calls and voyeurism are also forms of sexual assault. Both men and women, children and adults, can be victims of sexual assault.

What are Personal Boundaries and Why is it Important to Communicate Them?

When people are dating or in some other form of personal relationship, it is important that they set personal boundaries. Personal boundaries are healthy limits that a person sets between themselves and another person to ensure their comfort in a relationship or situation. These may be boundaries in terms of sex or other physical interaction, or they may be boundaries in terms of time spent together, privacy, or behaviors that are and are not acceptable. It is important for couples to discuss boundaries as it helps them to better understand each other's wants, needs, and limits more fully. When personal boundaries are discussed, the risk of unintentional misunderstandings are reduced. Healthy boundaries should make a person feel as if they are their own person and in charge of their own happiness.

What are the Dangers of Drugs and Alcohol in Relation to Consent?

Drugs and alcohol have the ability to impair a person's mood, behavior, and how they perceive the world around them. Both alcohol and drugs can cloud one's judgment and cause them to do or say things that, under normal circumstances, they would not do. In addition, a person who is in a drugged state may not be fully conscious of their actions, or fully conscious in general. In this state, a person cannot give consent. If sex or sexual contact occurs when a person is intoxicated and that person later feels violated, the person who instigated or actively pursued the sexual activity may be found guilty of sexual assault. If there is any question as to whether or not a person is drunk or on drugs, it is important to avoid any sexual contact, even if the couple in question is dating.

What to do if Someone is not Respecting Your Boundaries

When establishing boundaries, it's important to have a clear course of action or consequence that will take place if the boundary is not respected. This must be an action that one is willing and prepared to take if necessary. For example, a person might choose to separate themselves from the individual who has chosen to ignore the boundaries that are set. This separation could be for an hour, a day, a week, or longer. In the event that one's personal boundaries are violated, and proper notice was given, one should follow through on the stated consequences. This is an important step that will either reinforce the seriousness of the boundaries that have been set, or make them appear to be false threats that aren't to be taken seriously.

What to do if Consent Has Been Breached

If a person's refusal to give consent is ignored, and any form of sexual contact has been initiated, it can be considered sexual assault. Regardless of the type of sexual assault or contact, a teen should contact his or her parents or legal guardian and the authorities as soon as possible. If a rape has occurred, it is important to seek medical attention immediately. One should not change their clothing, shower, brush their teeth, or clean up in any way that might remove physical evidence or DNA.

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