Zodiac Compatibility

Some people use the zodiac to rule many aspects of their lives and love is no exception. Each zodiac sign has a distinct personality and if paired with the wrong sign, personality conflicts can doom the online dating or real life relationship.

Here are the twelve zodiac signs and the signs with which they are most compatible:


Sagittarius is quite possibly the best match for Aquarius as both are very intellectual. Aquarius and Gemini get along well, as both are great communicators. Libras are also good matches for Aquarius as both love music and the arts.


Sagittarius and Aries are a good combination as their natures are very similar. Aries needs a sign that loves to talk like Gemini and one that is a hopeless romantic like Leo. In a case of opposites attract, a dominate Aries would work with a Pisces, who loves to be cared for.


Cancer is a very sensitive sign. A Virgo can be very good at providing emotional steadiness while Pisces, also a sensitive sign, can understand Cancer. Cancer also likes attention, which Taurus can provide.


Both Taurus and Pisces admire a Capricorn’s strength. While both Capricorn and Scorpio are strong signs that may argue, they will just as easily makeup.


Gemini works well with Aquarius as both are caring and devoted. Gemini and Leo also make a great mach as both are very affectionate towards each other.


Leo is such a dominate sign that they are often best paired with other Leos. However, Leo also matches well with Aries as they have a great sexual excitement and Gemini, since both are so social.


Libra often falls in love with the affectionate Gemini, but is also compatible with Aquarius as both are great romantics.


Artistic Pisces are well suited with Libra, but they love Scorpio for the incredible communication between the two. Cancer is also a good match for Pisces.


Social Sagittarius gets along well with Aries and Aquarius, but also with Leo, who enjoys its freedom.


Scorpio loves Cancer for its devotion and Cancer lover Scorpio for its strength. A Pisces can bring out the best of a Scorpio while a Capricorn loves a Scorpio’s jealous side.


Taurus and Cancer both seek loyalty and security and thus make a good match. Taurus and Virgos match on the intelligence level while Capricorn will share Taurus’ passion.


As perfectionists, Virgo loves Capricorn drive and ambition, but Cancer, with its affectionate nature, can also bring out the best in Virgos. Virgo is also one of the few signs that is compatible with itself.

Of course, this is just a general overview of each sign. It is possible to fall happily in love with someone of a contradicting sign.

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