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5/27/2014 10:37:50 AMOhhhhh THIS should be fun! 
Prattville, AL
63, joined Sep. 2013

Okay - I'll jump into the pool!

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5/27/2014 12:28:11 PMOhhhhh THIS should be fun! 
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Broomfield, CO
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Paragraphs? Try them out and maybe people would be able to rwad your profile without going blind.

Are you afraid to date someone that is a day older than you?

5/27/2014 12:30:36 PMOhhhhh THIS should be fun! 
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Fort Worth, TX
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Your thoughts are very scattered. The first 1/4 of your profile is wasted. It also seems to be copied and pasted from another site. There is no VIP status here. Irregardless it's irrelevant.

Make separate paragraphs with a full line break in between such as I've composed this post. It makes it cleaner to follow and less intimidating to read.

Then group your thoughts. You mention god sporadically and some of it is repetitive. Hobbies/interests in one or a few small paragraphs. The religion thing in another. And what kind of relationship you seek in yet another. Right now it bounces around too much to really do you much good in my opinion.

5/27/2014 12:40:57 PMOhhhhh THIS should be fun! 
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Pittsburgh, PA
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Whew! I'd better stop there!

Wotta tease. Meanwhile, 200 words later ....

Good Gawd, tighten this up. Waaaay too long.

5/28/2014 9:58:58 PMOhhhhh THIS should be fun! 
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Maple Ridge, BC
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You already have 3 Christian women attached to your profile. What's wrong with them???

5/28/2014 10:43:57 PMOhhhhh THIS should be fun! 

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Bonaire, GA
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Quote from forums_only:
You already have 3 Christian women attached to your profile. What's wrong with them???

There Christian....


Op....your current picture has the scary grandpa..look in the eyes...

Its good to keep it in your additional photos.

..but I suggest using the photo... wearing the blue shirt and tie.

It makes you look more educated ,out going , and less old..