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6/4/2014 8:12:48 AMProfile needs ? 

Tipton, IN
31, joined Mar. 2014

Is something wrong with my profile.

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6/4/2014 8:47:05 AMProfile needs ? 

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Fort Garland, CO
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I know I'm not your target audience but I'd suggest not being as vague about the time spent with your daughter, you say you have her as much as possible which might make the women think you would be choosing between a date with them and time spent with your daughter. Say instead that you have her every other weekend or whatever but the whenever possible really makes it sound like you would have no time to date

I'd also suggest having pics taken outside, the light makes better pics,

and personally profanity isn't very attractive, saying your not after just a piece of a** just doesn't look very good

Cuddling listed as an interest also doesn't sound like your after more than just a piece of ass, I'd delete that and use a different word

6/4/2014 9:24:34 AMProfile needs ? 
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Maple Ridge, BC
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Is something wrong with my profile.

Replace the photos with smiling outdoor shots and add a shoulders up smiling headshot as your main. No selfies.

Agreed on the other suggestions, but no need to find a word to replace cuddling, just delete it.

At 27, you must have more to say for yourself. What other things do you enjoy? If you are looking for more than 'a piece of ass', give your viewer enough to get a sense of what you'd be like to spend time with.

The age range is a bit odd... you'd date a high school senior AND her mom? Maybe tighten that up to 5-6 yrs on either side of your age.

What are you saying in your introduction messages?

6/4/2014 9:25:53 AMProfile needs ? 

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Bremerton, WA
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In addition to all that has been said, I saw the little girls attached to your profile and I wondered how immature you are. If you're going to have girls on your profile (who can't even go with you to a bar) I'd unfeature them so women your own age won't think you're only after children.

6/4/2014 11:08:26 AMProfile needs ? 
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Fort Worth, TX
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Pretty generic profile. Pictures are poor quality. No real reason to contact you or even respond to a message you send. You can do better than that.

6/7/2014 6:49:31 AMProfile needs ? 
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Sioux Falls, SD
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You're getting results appropriate to your effort. If you doubt that, reread what the women are saying about your profile.

6/7/2014 5:04:31 PMProfile needs ? 

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Bonaire, GA
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Those look like parents sitting in rocking chairs at the back of your photo..

Your other photos ..remind me of what I call bedroom snapshots..as well.

This all leads me to believe ..Your living with mom.

I'm not bashing it ..if its the case..

But many people do..

I moved my elderly single father in with me 5 years ago..after he had a stroke and was diagnosed with heart problems.

I have a girlfriend ..who's mom has liver cancer ..that she cares for.

..and have several other divorced friends who share homes with their elderly parents...because they claim their through with marriage and can't afford nursing for their elderly relatives.

Besides ..have you ever seen how nursing homes treat people..? I watched my grandparents rot to their deaths in places like that.

Anyhow ..I notice your opening statement ..

Says your..."Independant"

I've noticed a majority of people ..who often put this in their profile .

Are often those people who share a home with mom or dad or both.

Most likely because their concise knows their level of responsibility is often qeastionable by those ..who live independently alone.

I consider myself a responsible person ..because I've lived 15 years completely by myself ..before deciding to share a home with my father.

In my current situation , I own my own home..and pay the monthly mortgage.

However ..tho I still can manage without any help from my father...I admit that his retirement supplements my monthly utilities.

In most cases anytime their are more than two adults in one house ..both are paying bills at some level.

So whether , the help is needed or not..neither member is truly independent.

In my case my father is somewhat like how some people negatively consider children baggage.

This means ..I do not always independently have all the free time I wish to share with a woman. Considering much of my time is often spent cleaning up behind him , making him meals , checking his medication , and just showing him attention.

Stating to be an independent often when ever living under these circumstances ..
Will lead others to qeastion your level of credibility and honesty.

..because not all people always just view how many bills you pay for a living ..makes a person independent.

A true independent..is someone who can roam freely at their own discretion at any given moment.

Those who have dependants..do not mean they themselves are always actually independent.

I've seen other posters in the past ..strike down profiles that use the claims of being an Independent for other reasons than mine.

Which I've always considered good valid points...they share when ever mentioning to not use this saying.

Tho however this is just my own opinion ..of how I see it could be found or considered a negative by some women.

Who might see this in your profile..as i do.

6/7/2014 6:12:17 PMProfile needs ? 
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New Port Richey, FL
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It's not your profile, it's your face!!