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1/5/2017 3:47:30 PMNational security hearings 

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The fact that they are having these hearings tells me hillary should be in prison, this shit is because of her...

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1/5/2017 3:54:41 PMNational security hearings 
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1/5/2017 3:59:03 PMNational security hearings 
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Gee and here I was thinking it was because of RUSSIA hacking our election process??And the Tangarine Turds denial that his buddies the Russians, and his pal Putin, had anything to do with it.......you must watch FUX??

1/5/2017 4:12:30 PMNational security hearings 

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Minneapolis, MN
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Hmmmmm. I think I remember the orange dude getting up in front of one of his (self proclaimed) "yuge" crowds ENCOURAGING the Russians to hack away.

That sounds kinda like "treason" to me. Isn't that punishable by DEATH???

1/5/2017 4:13:15 PMNational security hearings 

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West Plains, MO
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McCain* said; Russia did attempt to interfere, but they had no effect on the outcome.

*Remember, he's a Neo-Con propagandist, and even he can't bring himself to blame Russia for Trump winning.

1/5/2017 4:26:13 PMNational security hearings 

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Falkville, AL
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Things may be going on behind the scenes. I just saw in the tabloids that a secret grand jury has been convened on Hillary pay-for-play crimes, and Bill was granted immunity to testify against her, and that he did, and that Hillary is headed to jail. Haven’t checked it out, don’t know if any of it is true or not.


1/5/2017 4:29:24 PMNational security hearings 

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Minneapolis, MN
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Louis -

Like the Globe & National Enquirer?
Or do you mean FOX?

That explains a lot!!!