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1/31/2012 2:20:39 AMWe are ENGAGED! 
Pullman, WA
28, joined Oct. 2010

we met on this web on May 2011. talked for a while, then decided to meet up! we met at the library~ pretty lame but it works, since for what he said, I thought all he wanted was a Chemistry study buddy~ at the end of the meeting, we were standing by the desk, I idiotically pull out my hands and prepare to shake his~ Shawn just smile and said: come on~ and pull me into his arms. I never felt safer and better in my whole life. He is a pretty sweet huger. I can't stop thinking of him, and we kept in touch, when he said that he likes me as well, I was so happy! after my final exam, we went out to a river side, that was the first time I watched him boulder. at that moment, I had no clue of what is rock climbing. but we had good time anyway, we sat on his crash pad in a cave by the river , he made it into a coach, so we can lay in it. and Shawn put his arms around me, so I can stay warm. my heart was barely beating. Shawn dropped me off at my apartment at about mid-night. for the next couple days we can't stop talking. Shawn took me to his parents' house for a weekend. and we sat in the hot tub by the lake on a cold night. he brought two beers and it was just so romantic, we keep getting closer and closer to each other. then~~~
I thought it was just going to be a short romance, so I didn't care much. but we got closer and closer every day. every time we hang out, we get to know each other a little more. I was highly attracted to him. shawn took me rock climbing for the very first time. and I fall in love with this sport! by the time he decided we should officially go out, I was a pretty decent beginner already! and on Nov-18 2011, my dear Shawn S. purposed to me. oh god I am typing this story with a smile on my face!
Good luck to everyone. find the one you love and loves you

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3/12/2012 7:59:39 PMWe are ENGAGED! 
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Boulder, CO
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wishing you a lifetime of happiness together!