Single Women Murfreesboro, Tennessee, TN, Dark Brown Hair, Brown Eyes
 Location:Murfreesboro Tennessee
 Zip Code:37129
 Age:33, Capricorn
 Height:5 ft. 2 in.
 Hair, Eyes:Dark Brown, Brown
 Politics:Didn't Say
 Education:High School
 Income:Didn't Say
 Smoke:Don't Smoke
 Has Kids:Yes, not living with me
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About Me
Im a very affectionate ,loving,kind hearted, funny,goofy,random,silly,intelligent,compassionate,  honest,trustworthy,faithful,caring,tender,cuddly,romantic,sensual,spontaneous,and one of a kind woman. I am a once in a lifetime woman and I can almost guarantee u have never met a woman like me before and never will meet another like me. A lot of men can't handle me BC I am so random and goofy and have such a crazy silly sense of humor .I like messing with people and telling them something crazy that's a total lie but keeping a straight face like I'm telling the truth just to get  a reaction and see how they act lol its so much fun messing with people I love to laugh and will do anything to make someone else laugh even if it means making a fool out of myself BC if it makes someone else happy it's worth it to me. I am firecracker at times some have said lol BC I can go from zero to a hundred very quickly when someone pushes one of my buttons BC I am bipolar and no that doesn't  mean I am crazy ,and it's very offensive to call a bipolar person crazy I can GET "crazy" but I am not crazy .there's a big difference ya know.. I have been through a LOT in my life especially considering how young I am I have seen things that I wouldn't wish my worst enemy to have to go through but it has made me the strong woman I am today and that is why one of my nicknames is superwoman it started out from a superwoman hat I use to wear all the time but then over the years became a name I actually earned BC of the actually meaning BC it really is amazing to people the things they've heard I've been through in my life yet am still here with a smile in my face and a huge heart . I have been through hell and back more than once in life and suffered tradegies that are life changing but God had blessed me soo much and has made me such a strong and humble woman with so much love to give to the right man who actually deserves it and can give me the love I deserve in return for once instead of taking mine and using me and breaking my heart. So anyways now as far as what I'm looking for well ur soulmate is ur best friend and that's what I want. I want someone who is funny,goofy,random,not stuck up,doesn't care what people think ,intelligent,sweet,caring,romantic,cuddly,affectionate ,n sensual. of course u have to be faithful honest and trustworthy. I am a very passionate woman everything I do I do it with such passion when I'm with someone and I want the same from my man. I do NOT want someone who is just trying to have sex or anything sexual BC I'm telling u right now thst will come when were im a relationship n only then. I'm adhd so I'm bouncing around a lot probably but oh well sorry I'm just trying not to leave anything important out lol. Oh and u have to believe in God and love God that's very important.superwoman is just trying to find her superman lol  so if u think u can be my superman and can actually handle my goofy self message me and we'll talk!have a great day!

Want To Find:A man ages 28 to 35 to date
Interests:Didn't Say

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